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Friday, July 01, 2016

Morning Wash with guest co-host Emmy! 😂
Coffee, new hair cut, pajama wigs...we're so fun in the morning. 
OK, not really but hang out with us anyway. 👍🏻😝
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Intro to Rodan + Fields with Consultant Sarah Lee. 
Intro to R+F, My Story and Products. 
Results shown in the Before & After Photo are from using the 
Unblemish Regimen for JUST 20 DAYS
You can see my #60dayrfphotochallenge documenting this progress on FB. 
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WHY INVEST IN SKIN CARE?! (This is sarcasm.)
By Sarah Lee, Rodan + Fields Skincare Consultant 
If you are interested in investing in how your tomorrow looks and want more info about skincare...Feel free to contact me!! Thanks!! 
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

This Cookie Monster image just says it all. I went full out Paleo for 3 days. Quit it all cold turkey. I relapsed the third night.

Day One - I was stressed but excited.  It was new. I was prepared with my recently bought groceries.  I should have bought more.  All the options I bought didn't seem to go as far or be as appealing as I had imagined.  I drank my coffee black and didn't mind.  I picked up the Starbucks blonde blend K-Cups so it is easier to drink without all the sugar and creamer.  I felt the cravings hit me around 2pm.  That is when I go to pick up my son from school and then we hit the skatepark and playground so I was distracted and survived.  I had more cravings that evening after the kids went to bed but I ate my chilled pineapple instead.  I felt proud.

Day Two - Day two is hell people. The new is gone.  You are left alone with just the realization that it is really gone.  You reminisce about the good times you and sugar and the crap food use to have.  

Sugar, do you remember how you were there for me every morning at  Port City Java waiting in my hot fancy coffee?  I miss you. I miss us.  You were my partner to get through the day.  I had to leave you.  This was an unhealthy relationship but oh how I miss you.  I keep thinking about you. Everything reminds me of you. There is no where to turn right now that I can forget you.  But you did some pretty awful things to me and I will use that to be strong. 

I managed to get through that day of grieving and loss.  Day two felt like I had been ran over by a truck. Everything hurt.  I had a horrific headache.  I think what gave me strength was my husband.  He was there to keep me accountable and told me he was proud of me.  How could I mess that up? So, I didn't. 

Day Three - The day of relapse.  I was feeling pretty dang good.  The aches and pains were gone.  I noticed that my stomach was not bloated.  I already knew some snacks and meal options from the two previous days.  I hadn't stepped on a scale and didn't care to.  I could feel my body letting go of the crap and it felt great.  I carried on perfectly.  Until I put the kids to bed. You see, my husband was gone for the second night this week.  I was a bit sad and lonely.  I needed a friend.  I know you should never call up an ex when you are sad and lonely.  I thought just a little bit couldn't hurt.  Just one little hit of sugar and I'd be right again.  I could quit when I wanted.  I was still in control.  Then I ended up looking just like that Cookie Monster image.  Like a sugar crack addict I shoved caramel popcorn in my mouth. Then a couple spoons of vanilla ice cream.  Then I saw it.  A package of ready to bake cookie dough squares I had gotten for the kids to make before Christmas break.  Before I could even stop to think I had eaten four of them.  Then in a moment of clarity and shame I laid on the couch in pain.  My stomach twisted and turned.  I felt bloated and uncomfortable.  I had that headache again.  It was not worth it!  

So here I am, Day Four.  The day after my sugar relapse and I'm feeling optimistic.  I'm not going to shame myself and feel guilty today. Instead I'm going to use that experience as fuel to fight cravings.  When sugar calls me I will remember how it felt after that binge and I will not answer. 

It's true that breakups are messy!

Hello. My name is Sarah and I am a sugar addict. 

I never looked at food like an addiction until a month ago. I was noticing that I needed, not wanted, NEEDED my coffee in the morning to function.  What good is a cup of coffee if it also isn't sweet and yummy?!? Mommy treats I call them.  I deserve these fancy cups of hot goodness!!  Problem, after said cup of saving grace I didn't feel found...I felt lost. Literally lost.  My head felt like there was this weird cloud inside.  I could not concentrate. What good is energy from caffeine if I can't remember what I needed it for? Oh yeah, I remember, I needed it to function and not be a meanie mommy.  So my sugar now affects my family life.  Yikes. 

I have been trying to eat well.  I have taken periods of time to count calories and participate in weight loss challenges.  I would pick healthy foods, watch my caloric intake, drink more water, move a bit more, wear my cool new yoga pants accessory called a FitBit.  Not much was happening.  I saw little progress. What I was not paying attention to was my snaking, the various cheat days, those sugary coffees and other "mommy treats".  The bowl of ice cream after a long day. I don't drink wine. I can't leave my home due to the kids.  My escape is food. And not just any food, indulgent sugary treats and drinks.  In my mind as long as it wasn't everyday and all the time and I tried to eat well I should still feel and look better.

Last month I was noticing that when I wasn't eating sugar I would CRAVE it.  It would call to me all day.   I would give in and then immediately feel like crap.  Not emotionally like crap. I mean I physically was ill.  I would have a headache because I needed sugar.  I would eat the sugar and then get a headache after the crash.  I would feel bloated and miserable.  I would then crave more sugar. And so......  I realized I am a sugar addict.  

This epiphany along with some research led me to Paleo.  I am consuming no added or refined sugar, grains, or dairy.  

I'm ready to break up with Sugar!

Alright. You know how life goes down. Sometimes we find time for "me" things and sometimes we let them go.  In this instance I let my blog go for so long I literally forgot about it. And for the 11 of you that follow...ha, ha.. I'm sorry.  Here is my update on my Love Lee Life:

- We bought a home in Wake Forest, NC.
- Mason got into an amazing Charter Academy and my photography really took off!!
- My husband was promoted and relocated. So we rented that house out and moved to Carolina Beach.  We are renting a townhome just 3 blocks from the ocean.
- Mason is getting ready to be 6 and Emmy is now 3.  Mason is adjusting to his new school OKish.
- I haven't yet started my photography here in CB. It's very small town and not sure where to break into the market yet or if I plan to.  Thinking about going back to school. 
-  Mike bought me a Jeep for Christmas as a surprise.  It is amazing. RIP MiniVan. 
- My weight has been up and down.  I just started Paleo this week. Ahhhhhh!!

That brings us somewhat current. I'm sure I'll have spots to fill in.  I wanted to pick up the blog again for documenting my journey into a healthier lifestyle and starting the Paleo diet.  Due to my random nature there will be random life, craft and photography posts sprinkled in between. 


Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Put together a few sports team looks for some of my friends featuring Jamberry nails to match.  It was so much fun.  Most of these styles are only around till Aug. 31st so if you want one you see here get that order in ASAP.  
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My friend sent me this random note with something attached called a Jamberry nail.  She asked me to try it out by doing a 5 Day Challenge.  Being a good sport I complied.  Here we are now a few months later and I am now a Jamberry Independent Consultant.  I have never done direct sales in my life.  I am totally not a sales person.  I was just telling everyone about them and how much I loved them.  I started selling after many friends asked me if I sold them.  I wanted to change that answer from NO to Yes!! So here we are. My first network marketing gig.  ha ha Wish me luck ya'll. 

Here are results from my 5 Day Challenge.  
Polish - Sucks; Jamberry - Rocks

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Have a bunch of empty plastic Easter eggs cast aside by your little one?  Here's an upcycle craft perfect for keeping those sugared up little hands busy.  We used all the bottoms of the eggs for this snake. You can use the tops to make a second snake if you would like.  We are saving ours for craft time another day.  Simply puncture a hole in the bottom center of all the eggs for your little one.  Cut them a piece of string (or whatever you have around) and knot the bottom.  Attach a bread tie to the unknotted end for easy threading through the eggs.  Give your little one a pile of eggs and the string and let them string away.  Keep one whole egg for the head.

 We also turned the first egg the opposite way to create a butt as my little dude called it.  When they are done knot the string to keep the eggs from falling off. Don't trim the string as this is the tongue.  I let my 4 yr. old use my sharpie to draw on eyes.  Younger ones you can do this step for them.  He also colored the tongue red.  To kick this activity up a notch to an educational level I numbered all the "scales" for counting practice. 

(Side note: This would also be a great project for the classroom.  Maybe ask parents to send a bag of empty eggs to school with them.)